Thursday, November 06, 2008

Ireland vs Samoa

Yesterday evening we went along to watch Ireland's second qualifying game in the 2008 Rugby League World Cup against game favourites Samoa. After last weeks narrow loss against Tonga, Ireland were buoyed by their strong performance and although going into this game as underdogs, were not prepared to be written off.

It was a nail-biting ten minutes from kick-off as a strong Samoan side were disallowed two tries as the video referee was used on both occasions leading to smiling faces on the Irish fans.

Smiles turned to wide grins as in a mere seven minutes of play we managed to score three tries to take us 14-0 against the waining opposition. Unfortunately this state of affairs did not last long and from, arguably, a bad call by the referee, Samoa charged forward and made the first of two tries and successful conversions that by half-time, the gap had shrunk to a two point lead with Ireland 14-12 heading into the changing room.

If the first half Irish performance was astounding, the second half can only be considered a beautiful dream to watch as the Samoan team crumbled under the Irish onslaught. Despite a battle of attrition, Ireland dominated the game and created a fantastic looping pass try - the second try out of three.

The last half hour saw some interesting action on, off and onto the pitch including a brilliant but ultimately disallowed knock-on to 80 yard sprint for Ireland, Samoa's captain helped off the pitch with a knee injury and a Samoan fan making his way onto the field in a failed attempt to upset an Irish conversion.

In the end it was a fantastic upset in the tournament with Ireland crushing Samoa 34-16 which led both Ireland and their fans to euphoria that was, I'm sure, carried late into the night.

We play Fiji in the quarter-finals on Monday which is, unfortunately for us, on the Gold Coast, so we will be supportive through the age-old means of shouting at the television in a pub.


Blogger Skry said...

COME ON IRELAND!!! Love the results so far and I'll be sure to be in a bar watching that this Monday.

Hopefully Pomeroy's will have the match on. If not then I'll be in Fitz or somewhere so I can see it all happening :D

11:03 am  
Anonymous Lou said...

That was such an awesome game to watch! And of course the one time we don't bring the camera, the whole team comes right up to our seats after the game, asks for our green wigs and sings with the crowd and generally goes mental for 5mins! (I can just hear Skry's deep growl now...Phhiiiiiiill):-)

5:05 pm  

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