Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Patricks Day

According to an online NZ poll, Kiwi's obviously don't celebrate St Patrick's Day - but then I suppose it isn't a public holiday like it is back home. Still, I was surprised at the huge majority as it's a fun participation themed day and I would imagine a lot of New Zealanders have Irish roots.

I didn't hear about any parades which was a shame so the only celebrations were taking place in the pubs and clubs with lots of live bands and a hell of a lot of Guinness being drunk.

We kicked things off in Bailies, an Irish bar in the centre of town which was packed before beginning a pub crawl that took us to the Yellow Cross, Mickey Finns, O'Sullivans and The Bog before finishing up in The Stock Exchange.......at 6am.

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep and I was no more than a zombie all day going through the motions but we had a great night and hopefully I'll have some photos linked in due course.

I hope you had a great day whatever and wherever you were.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely pic of you and Lou...she was saying she was a little homesick yesterday! :-( I am sure the beer will have helped... :-D

8:11 pm  

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