Saturday, March 08, 2008

Shipping News

So we have finally got the internet in the house and it's been a real pleasure to be able to check your mail and surf without being in a cafe and watching the minutes although I do miss being given a milk chew by the Japanese owner after spending $5 every Saturday afternoon.

We have gone for the BT of New Zealand that is Telecom and the connection was quick and easy and surprised me how fast businesses can move here compared to others. They even sent us a modem without us paying a single cent - so trusting of them!

The only downside with internet in this country is that no matter how much you pay, you always have a capped download limit and that really stinks. We're paying just shy of $100 (£40) a month for a 4725kb/s download rate and 129kb/s upload rate but we can't download more than 10GB a month without having to pay for it.

The other news is that Keith and Jenny's shipping crate arrived and my computer has arrived. The good news is that I can play games again as this laptop can't handle anything more than a few web browsers and Word being opened but that's what we bought it for. The bad news is that Pickfords totally screwed up the packing and not only have they repacked things but they have done so using their clothes and damaged some of their stuff.

So far they have only opened some of their boxes and have found a broken back panel to two bookcases and other items wrapped up in their clothes instead of proper wrapping. In lesser bad news regarding the boxes, no-one has a clue where my computer box full of things are so although I have my monitor and case, I can't plug it in and don't have essentials such as a mouse and keyboard to use it.

Besides all things computer related, the weekend has arrived with a NW wind and outside is mid-20's and gloriously sunny so I'm off to relax in the heat and see if I can't get my hands on some cold beer to pass the afternoon. Have a great time whatever you're up to and see you soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SOOOO envious of your weather!!! Yay for getting your computer back, but sorry for the crappy download limits. What's THAT all about?!!

10:40 pm  

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