Monday, February 25, 2008

6 Nations at 6am

Alas there has been nothing much to report on during the week and I apologise for only getting around to this now. Better late than never right?

Sunday afternoon was an absolute stunner of day and usually we would have hit the beach for some body boarding but we had spent the previous night sleeping only a few hours to get up at 6am to watch the Ireland vs Scotland rugby match and luckily we were not disappointed.

We had to win this match to have any chance of winning the tournament or at least the home nations cup/shield. Our last performance errors seemed like a distant memory and the addition of new players made a huge difference and a signal that we have a good chance of remaining a decent side after the old guard hang up their shoulder pads.

After beating Scotland 34-13 it was with vested interest that we watched the England vs France game and a rare backing of the Poms to give Ireland a better position in the table. Happily, they did not let us down and did what we could not.

In 2 weeks time we face-off against a strong Welsh side which should make for a cracking game.


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