Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Judd Apatow seems to be producing every comedy of the last 12 months and this is his second film starring Seth Rogen who wrote the movie alongside Evan Goldberg in this teenage comedy starring Jonah Hill (Knocked Up), Michael Cera (Juno) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse who will surely be in many films to come or have his career ruined by being the inimitable McLovin.

The film revolves around 24 hours in the life of 3 teenage boys in their last throes of high school before college and their desire to be involved in social circles that they want to be a part of but simply don't have the credibility to get invited to as they spend all their free time hanging out with each other.

The answer to their prayers comes when they are invited to a party on the pretext of them being able to buy booze and it is here that their problems and the hilarity begins.

Each character has his strengths but it is ultimately their weaknesses which provide the comedy and seemingly gets them into more trouble than they can cope with.

The film succeeds by circumnavigating the usual trappings of teen comedies on the power of the writing in terms of dialogue and the performances of the aforementioned actors. That's not to say it doesn't do silly, gross-out and the downright bizarre but luckily it's handled in such a way that it can be forgiven and almost embraced instead of mentally deleted after watching.

One hopes that this is not a diamond in the rough of recent output of these genre films and that it resets the bar that seemingly disappeared over the last few years. If you need a night in with guaranteed laughs, rent this and give your ribs a workout.

I would give this film 7.2 fake ID's out of 10



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