Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Loud Thunder

According to the weather report, our run of dry hot heat is coming to and end and for once, I don't mind. In fact, it's almost a welcome relief. I don't think I could spend many more nights kicking off the duvet and enduring strange dreams that humid sleeping brings on. They say that cheese brings on such dreams but I've never found this to be true. In fact, according to a nutrition scientist at The Dairy Council, "one of the amino acids in cheese - tryptophan - has been shown to reduce stress and induce sleep so cheese may actually help you have a good night's sleep."

Actually it turns out that Tryptophan is found as a component of dietary protein and is particularly plentiful in such things as chocolate, bananas, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, red meat, eggs, fish, poultry and peanuts. That's pretty much everything that could be in my daily diet so it's no wonder I sleep well!

Another favourite event of hot, humid weather turning is the resulting thunder storms. Although rare in this country, I love when it does occur. The rain pounds the earth and the distant echo of thunder is strangely comforting, as long as you are inside looking out. I imagine it's not so much fun being out there in it.


Blogger Skry said...

That's pretty odd information about the cheese - I had Stilton last night and had very weird dreams about losing my hair. It was coming out in clumps and someone suggested that I just pull all of it out, so that if it doesn't grow back I could get it made into a wig.

Then I realised that it might stop falling out and that I was maybe encouraging it. Very odd.

Either way there was an offer on in Tesco's on Sunday so I bought a fair whack of blue cheeses especially Stilton, so I'll keep you updated.

I don't think anything could have made me sleep well last night though - too warm and even with the window open it was humid as hell. At least it's really lashing down with rain now. Pity the thunder is so quiet and infrequent... Still you can't have it all and I'm just hoping the rain clears some of the the heat/humidity away!

10:23 pm  

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