Monday, June 11, 2007

Asleep On A Sunbeam

With the weather hitting the mid-twenties all weekend, we have hardly stepped a foot inside and after stopping for a pint after work on Friday, the evening was spent lounging in the chairs before the sun went down and Lou and I watched the last few episodes of Prison Break. I know we're a year or so behind everyone on this but it's great to have a series on tap and watch back-to-back episodes. It was also early to bed (midnight) as I was up early next morning to catch a bus to Dundalk.

We hopped on the 11.30 bus to Dublin and grabbed a seat at the back hoping for some snooze time and extra leg room but unfortunately we were surrounded by a bunch of millies heading to the Beyonce concert and it was all mobile phone tunes, alco-pops, frighteningly bad grammar and conversations that would make an idiot seem intelligent. There was also a problem with the AC and the bus was sweltering so the entire trip was somewhat oppressive.

After hitting Dundalk and glad to get into the cooler air, we met Simon and Mary and dived straight into a bar for welcome cold pints and lunch. I ate a cheese and bacon burger the size of my fist and refreshed myself with a a couple of pints of Becks Viers - a highly recommended lager.

We then headed back to their house and had a great afternoon sitting in their back garden drinking beer and chatting with a house tour in the middle including Simon's room which has a fantastic collection of zippo lighters, old bottles and war memorabilia.

It was a great day and the sun was still warming the evening sky as we made our way back into Belfast and had a few people over for drinks. We were able to sit outside until the early hours of the morning and were surrounded by candles to shed light on our conversation. Sunday was to be another fine day and we didn't want to waste it so we arranged an impromptu BBQ.

It was the perfect Sunday afternoon spent idly chatting and reading the Sunday paper followed by flame grilled burgers and wine. All in all, a fantastic weekend.

More photos here!


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