Monday, June 04, 2007

Tequila Scrabble

A few us were out on Friday due to yet another colleague leaving work and to make the most of the good weather, began our assault to the liver by grabbing a table outside of Katy Daly's. There has long been a tradition of dragging a pew for outside mass in the bar and it's a wonder that it and so many other places have only now realised the punter attraction for outside seating on a warm day.

We kicked off with Magner's and ice which melted so quickly that by the end of the pint, I think it was mostly water and the only remedy was another Magner's! The sun was also bearing down and a change of seat was required and luckily someone had lotion so I could apply it to the back of my neck and stave off sunburn.

Not so long after the free food was served and pints were finished, we moved on to the Basement which is not one of my favourite bars. To me, it totally lacks any atmosphere and I'm not sure but they might still serve chips in tiny buckets which only serves to drive the nail into the coffin. Still, the Guinness was nice.

From there we went to AM:PM for some food to quell the stomach and settled on tapas. I'm surprised this place is still open as the last time we were here at 10pm on a Saturday night it was deader than A-line flares with pockets in the knees. The tapas itself wasn't up to much and the best place in Belfast is still The Spaniard.

Our next and last port of call was the Garrick and after grabbing a table and some pints, we took a crack at some games that were sitting by the bar. Unfortunately most of them were broken or had parts missing so we settled on a game of Scrabble. However, to make things interesting, we had shots of tequila everytime someone used a triple word square.

Three triple word scores/tequila's later, we had enough and I'm pretty sure the words being spelled could not be found in any dictionary. The only words on our lips by midnight were 'Taxi' and 'Home'.


Anonymous Jenny said...

I did mean to chat to you properly on Friday at Katy's but I was meeting other people and didn't get the chance as we headed to Down Royal for the races after a quick pint. I didn't win anything, but it was a glorious evening for drinking outdoors, be it at the racecourse or on the side of the road.

10:39 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

It was a great evening and had we stayed longer outside I think my face would have been a lobster red on Saturday morning!

Is horseracing exciting? It looks so extremely boring on TV.

1:25 am  
Blogger Skry said...

I was at the races in Dublin when I worked for ISL. It's not boring, although there was only 6 races and they went every 15-20 minutes. This gave you enough time to get to the bar, place a bet or take a guess who the winner was going to be (usually based on how cool the horses name sounds!).

I would recommend going once for the atmosphere and especially if the weather was good. But I don't think it'd be the sort of thing I'd go back to loads of times - just now and again when it's sunny.

9:51 pm  

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