Thursday, May 24, 2007

Links #37

Stephen Lynch: Craig

From a rare passage of The Bible, Stephen Lynch teaches us about Craig, in song.

Wikipedia - Stephen Lynch

News I'd Like to F**k

Samantha Bee on the Daily Show talks about hot TV reporters. Or as she puts it: "News I'd Like to F**k."

Wikipedia - The Daily Show

Wikipedia - Samantha Bee

La Vieille Dame et les Pigeons (The Old Lady & The Pigeons)

An early Sylvain Chomet animation. While American popcorn-eating tourists wobble around and pigeons are too fat to fly, a starving French gendarme is desperate for food.

Wikipedia - Sylvain Chomet


Blogger Skry said...

Love the comedy sketches! Could that be Samantha Bee's first ever funny report?

Not so keen on the last one though - very slow and no real point to the end of it... Maybe I missed something, but then again I did skip quickly through the last third of it!

12:24 am  

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