Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gamespot #52

Tower Defence

This a neat little game for breaktime. Build your defences and eleiminate the oncoming attack through various defence towers.

Careful planning and fast thinking is the key to success!


Blogger Skry said...

I tried going with a mixture of fire and water at the start, but I quickly realised that water wasn't cutting it, so I stuck with fire.

I also threw in a couple of clouds, but I'm not too sure what exactly they do - they seemed to be an expensive waste of money :-/

The game is good and I'd probably have another go, except it took me about 15 minutes to play and my break is over now.

If anyone has any advice please let me know so I can boot more ass next time round!

Oh yeah and I got to wave 48 before I was taken out by wave 49.

1:12 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I managed to get to level 68 by lining 3 sets of towers on the main 3 corners.

Once their range increases they can cover their own corner and the adjacent one too.

As far as I can see, the leaf tower doesn't seem to do much and the lightning cloud seems pointless.

Stick with fire and ice and build up the towers before moving on to the adjacent corner for full coverage!

1:44 am  

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