Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hot Stuff

It was a hot house of hotness in the office yesterday making it really uncomfortable to do pretty much anything. A few of us went to City Hall for lunch and the place was packed with lunch goers making it look like a festival than a snack break. We could only take half an hour in the sun before making our escape to the cool confines of Fibbers for a pint of Guinness. There was good news that afternoon, however, because finance said there room in the budget for an additional fan for reception which might actually make it bearable. So after struggling through the rest of the working day a few of us sat outside Skye and sank a couple of pints, a breeze gusting through town making it quite pleasant.

After getting back in time to eat dinner and watch The Omen [see review below] we popped along to the pub quiz at Bar Twelve. Since we were a little early, I was cajoled into attempting to beat my old beermat flipping record and Bert accomodated by procuring an entire rack of them from the bar. Slowly but surely I began the flipping process and I can gladly proclaim that I flipped the entire stack of 27 mats which is a new personal best so it's one to try again sometime.

The quiz kicked off around 10-ish and we called ourselves 'Sick of the Sixth of the Sixth' which the compere mispronounced the entire time. Nevertheless, after the first few rounds we were sitting in joint second place and feeling pretty good with ourselves expecting an enevitable decline in position relative to drink consumption and time. [Intelligence = Alcohol/Time]

As the rounds progressed the questions were of a higher calibre but we managed to keep up and much to our delight by the penultamite round, we were guaranteed a prize! It all came down to the final round and we gave it our best hoping to come away with a bottle of wine or something but surprise kicked in and we found ourselves in a tie-breaking for first place! It being Bert's birthday, we sent him up to face off against the opposition. The first to answer correctly would win and forfeit the game if it was wrong. The question was thus: How many colours made up the South African flag? The opposing team got their answer in first. His guess was five. We breathed a collective sigh. But the answer was six so we won! Huzzah!!!

WHoops and shouts of jubilation ensued and we retired home, exhausted winners.


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