Monday, June 05, 2006

BBQ's & Birthdays

Such a relaxing weekend sitting in the sun. On Friday I left work a quarter hour early to meet Brian in town and picked up a 12 pack of beer on the way home and spent the time sitting on the flat roof of the house soaking up the late afternoon and evening rays playing catch-up. There's a small window on the 3rd floor you can climb out onto the bathroom roof giving you a seated position which no other roof in the street has so not only do you have a makeshift roof patio, it's a secret little patch where you can lie undisturbed save for the murmour of activity from the streets below.

After a lie-on on Saturday morning, Lou and I did a short and sweet shopping trip to pick up BBQ essentials and other nik-naks before heading up to the folks house to make use of the garden for outdoor lunch and reclining. So yet another beautiful time spend lounging in the sun. After a McGuyver effort at putting a music box together from an old walkman, speaker set and batteries from the remote control, Lou and I relaxed over some cold beer, magazines and Dave Brubeck's Take Five' wafting from our feet with the BBQ a few feet away sizzling ribs and burgers. A perfect afternoon in the sun in my opinion.

Early evening we made our way over to Bert and Jill's for a second BBQ to celebrate Bert's birthday. Much more cold beer was consumed alongside more meaty treats and a cracking game of patio football with unfortunate bystanders getting a ball to the face. Nevertheless, it was a great day and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves. If only every weekend this summer was like this...


Anonymous Jenny said...

It certainly was a good day for sitting outside in the sunshine - and I have the sunburn to prove it. I was annoyed that I couldn't let my hair down and party with the rest of you on Saturday night, due to having to get up and run 5K on Sunday morning, but at least I got to stay for a while. Long enough to get elbowed in the eye by a certain long-haired someone, anyway - which made a change from being hit with the football, I suppose :)

11:10 pm  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I think Brian's face had a magnetic-esque pull on the football - still - probably better than an elbow ro the eye!

I'll shove some photos up when I find my USB lead for the camera.

11:40 pm  
Anonymous Jenny said...

Ha ha, check out my sunburn! I look absolutely ridiculous, like I have been dipped in acid or something. That'll learn me!

7:47 pm  

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