Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Omen

If you haven't seen the original Omen film it is well worth checking out as a benchmark of horror excellence. Unfortunately, as with most modern remakes, they fail to live up to expectation or quality control and The Omen, although better than most, is still an unwarranted and unesscessary updated version of a much loved classic.

In place of an atmospheric and chilling set-up, the remake relies on cheap horror tricks such as creepy dream sequences ending with a loud noise to make the audience jump which I find obtrusive and ill-fitting. The acting is also below par with Liev Schrieber cruising through the film unconvincing in his slow realisation that his son is devil incarnate and must be destroyed. Julia Stiles acting is also sub-standard and occasionally smirk-worthy especially in her confrontations with Damien but it is Damien himself that pulls in laughs when he should be portraying the exact opposite. When he glowers at those he is manipulating it looks more like a child who has just dropped his ice-cream and is silently demanding an immediate replacement before the crying and stamping of feet begins.

So, what is meant to be a serious horror becomes farcical tirade and the film is essentially a shot for shot remake of the original without passion or tenacity begging the question of why bother remaking it? The answer is of course money. So save yourself the price of a cinema ticket and rent the original if you haven't seen it or go and see something else.

I would give this film 2.5 nannies out of 5



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