Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friends, Films & Football

It would figure that the designated BBQ day nestled in amongst this heatwave would occur on the one day it decides to rain. It all looked decidely overcast but upbeat as we took the train to Bangor on Saturday afternoon. Still, as we took our seats outside, any possible rainclouds seemed too far away to reach us. But cue a strong wind and omninous drops and after a few false starts, it poured down. However, that did not stop us and we stood out under the eaves and made the most of it, working our way through ribs, wings, burgers, king prawns and kebabs before retiring inside to watch Argentina beat the Gold Coast 2-1.

After the match, the drink continued to flow and we played some Mafia [a game based on guess work and drink] and after a few games it was early morning and we jumped into a crazy taxi that probably broke a few speed limits getting us home.

On Sunday evening, Lou and I watched the British Lesbian Rom-Com of Imagine Me & You. Compared to other British Rom-Coms in the past, this one was easier on the senses, lacking the hoity-toity sensibilities of any film starring Hugh Grant. Nevertheless, the characters all came from upper-middle class backgrounds and not an ugly duckling between them. I'm figuring two good looking lesbian girls will probably swing a few male heterosexual bums on seats. Taking the plot with a pinch of salt is probably the best way to ingest this film and although enjoyable, it is largely forgettable and one to watch on TV for a quiet night in.
I would give this movie 2.5 flashly London districts out of 5.

So unless you've been on a remote island without telecommunication, you will realise that the World Cup has started. I have to say that generally, I've no interest in the sport but every 4 years, I get behind the behemoth and throw my support behind it. Of course it becomes more interesting when you place a little money on a few teams and stand to make a decent return. I have 3 £10 bets on Argentina, Germany and Holland that stand to make me around £75 each and a little £2 sweepstake in work which has given me the unlikely winners of Ecuador. I'm pleased to say that all four of my teams have won their opening matches giving them a good chance of progressing to the next round but since I know a lot of you are not footy fans, I intend to focus on other things for the next month to keep you interested!

Last night Lou and I watched The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, the first directed film by Tommy Lee Jones. The film is set in a small Texas town by the Mexican border where newly recruited patrolman Mike Norton monitors the strip for activity in the form of Mexican border jumpers trying to cross into America. His over-handed methods soon get him in hot water when he shoots a Mexican farmhand of Pete Perkins, played by Tommy Lee. After finding out the murderer, Perkins kidnaps Norton and takes him accross the border to give him a proper burial in Mexico after Nortons co-workers literally try and bury the crime and Perkins farmhand, Melquiades Estrada, in an attempt to cover up any wrong-doing.
The film is expertly directed by Tommy Lee and weaves an interesting tale which perhaps suffers only a little in over-extending itself but suceeds in delivering a cracking story of redemption and guilt. Well worth checking out.
I would give this film 4 mexican jumping beans out of 5.

Hope you all had a great weekend and see you tomorrow.


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