Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Maria Full Of Grace

I went with Lou yesterday evening to watch Maria Full of Grace. The film is based around Maria, played beautifully by Catalina Moreno, a flower picker in Columbia. She lives with her mother, grand mother, sister and sisters baby in a small house. The film accurately portrays the difficulties in living in such close quarters with a family who does not share her values and outlook on life. It also manages to capture without going into meticulous detail, the hard work and mundane life at a flower picking factory. She is forced to hand over most of her pay to provide for her sisters child which she sees as understandably unfair and life in the factory is getting on top of her. An opportunity presents itself for her to become a drug mule and she seizes the opportunity.
However, as you would expect, this opportunity has hidden pitfalls and tragedy awaiting around the corner. What the film unravels is an emotional rollercoaster neatly examining the character of someone in Marias position and the trials and tribulations of choosing such a lifestyle without pulling any punches. I highly recommend going to see this film.

I would give it 4.5 cocaine pellets out of 5.



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