Friday, May 27, 2005

On Your Bike

Bought my bike at Makro yesterday. 18 speed funky pimp mobile. Self-assembly. Well, I had to put the handlebars, seat and pedals on. Looks the part though. Cost £70 after VAT. When I was leaving the "bouncer" at the door told me it was a good bike but he could have got me one for £60.
Woah, hold on there knucklehead. Do you mean for just £10 cheaper, I could get a dodgy bike with no guarantee from you? Well, just hold on while I take this back. I know with your repuatation as door manager I can trust you.
Anywho, the ninny that I am on occasion, I forgot to buy a pump so I couldn't even take it for a spin. Also my social calendar is filled up this weekend so I've no chance of going anywhere until the Bank Holiday on Monday.
If I can find any interesting links or games I'll throw them up, if not, have a great weekend.


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