Monday, May 16, 2005

God Forgive Me

Currently in work I am constructing a datbase of 2 years of information of a grant scheme we run. These monitoring forms that we send out every quarter are never returned on time and are never filled in properly. Therefore the results are not an accurate portrayal of the organisations. In one particular return form there is an evaluation feedback form. Here are some questions and answers:

What did you enjoy about the day?

"food and good speakers, getting in out of the rain!"

What did you not like about the day?

"Nothing x4"

How was the food and venue?

"Food was lovely but room hard to find, excellent, great, ok quite far away, enjoyed the food, nice venue,warm & bright, food lovely, very good, lovely and fresh, good but could have eat more"

What have I learnt from today?

"How to recieve a certificate i.e shake with one hand and accept with the other, enough to write a book on"..."that i am not the greatest thing since sliced bread"

Anything else?

"Christines talk gave you food for thought"


Do you notice she likes food? And using the word "lovely"? She could write a book about how to recieve a certificate? I'm sure there's a niche market out there for someone with no certificate recieving skills. I'm also no maths whizz but I'm sure nothing x 4 = nothing. Fair play she was probably thinking about food.


Blogger Donovan said...

So, the only thing she learned was how to receive a certificate... She didn't know how to shake hands/use other hand to grab a tube-like object? What an exciting person.

Maybe she's been taking part in too many "food for thought" exchanges, and doesn't have any thinking capacity left.

11:56 pm  
Anonymous Lou said...

Its the Homer Simpson philosphy of attending conventions. What better reason to attend than get out of the rain, eat food and listen to the rustling breeze through the deserted shanty town that is ur brain

1:04 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Sheriff: Woa, what's that coming from the east? Looks like we got us a thinker!

Alternately, in the Homer style, there'd be a chorus inside her head: Dahh dah da-dah HEY dahh dah da-dah, Dahh dah da-dah HEY dahh dah da-dah...

1:15 am  
Blogger Jay Tea said...

I wonder if she went home and used her certificate recieving skills for taking other mundane objects from people?

*takes dinner plate from mother*

"Oh, this is lovely mother. It sure beats standing in the rain"

1:23 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

*while shaking hands*
And it's got food on it too!

7:01 am  

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