Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hidden Cameras

Last night a few of us went to see the Hidden Cameras at Auntie Annies. Can you believe it? You live around the corner from the pub for 2 years, move away 2 months and they put a gig on you actually want to see.

I had only recently got a copy of their new album Awoo, having only heard their music through their 2004 album Mississauga Goddam. They have a great song/video on there called 'I Believe In The Good Of Life' [click for video] which I wanted them to play alongside 'Ban Marriage' I track I had heard from their 2003 album The Smell of Our Own.

However, they are one of the few bands I have been blown away by because they are 10 times better on stage than on record. All the group looked to be enjoying themselves immensely which always adds to the general atmosphere and although it was a Monday night, the crowd was in good spirits.

There were certainly a few stand out favourites and unfortunately I cannot name the track but it involved the song working to a furious downward tempo awash with scrawl to rise again to the beat of the song.

I hope that they come back in the near future and have a bigger fanbase for a larger venue because after three albums each getting better, it's always great to see bands like this get the recognition they deserve.



Anonymous Jenny said...

It certainly was a great gig -- as you say, the band seemed to be really enjoying themselves, and the crowd did too. I can also vouch for the fact that everybody I spoke to in the band was extremely friendly and pleasant to talk to even though I was just babbling at them. Big thumbs up all round.

(BTW, I think that song you are talking about is "Day Is Dawning". It's off The Smell of Our Own.)

7:06 pm  

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