Thursday, September 21, 2006

Unrequited Spam

I received an email yesterday from an organisation I contacted a few months ago regarding arranging a boat trip. My initial email was responded to quickly and politely with information and contact details should I wish to phone them and book anything. Yesterdays email, however, was of a different nature altogether. It was one of those chain emails where you tack your name on the bottom and send it to your friends who curse your name whilst sending it to the recycle bin. It concerned the rape of a 9 month old baby in Africa and how the men responsible were still walking the streets. Not to worry thought because I'm sure if we get a 100 names from a country they dont know exists they'll turn themselves in shame of what they've done.

Whilst I deplore the acts mentioned in these chain mails I fail to see the purpose of sending them. It is a waste of time and accomplishes nothing. In this particular case it's is unwarranted and unsolicited email from an organisation to a client and only serves to anger me and put me off using their services. It is really a form of spam email and not the only type of which that has been grinding my gears recently.

I use gmail as do a lot of friends of mine and advertisements along the top of the inbox reflect topics of conversation within the subject line of the emails that are received and sent. However, within the spam folder, because the name of the folder is spam, it continually places recipes for spam related meals:

Mmmm...spam skillet casserole, broiled until golden. Needless to say I've emailed them about this and after a few "we're looking into this" replies their final response has been slow coming back as their last email was sent on 21st August, a month ago today.

I'll be sending both organisations an email today. Watch this space.


Anonymous Skry said...

Put up the link to send them complaints and you can get a few of us in on the act - as a vegetarian I feel they have no right to offer me spam-related recipies on a continual basis.

It insults and degrades my vegetarianism, not because I am all that opinionated but because I wouldn't touch spam with a barge pole when I ate meat let alone now.

I also see no reason why someone would want Spam Breakfast Burritos, Spam Vegetable Strudel or Spam Quiche. Fucking Spam Quiche?!? Come ON people - it's SPAM!!! Monty Python ridiculed it for a reason...

10:24 pm  

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