Tuesday, September 26, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth is, on paper, a possibly dry and dull subject to convey to the general public. However, when you have a orator who is passionate about the issues being dealt with through the means of a high-end power-point presentation and the issues themselves being possibly the most important ones to face mankind, then you will sit up and take notice.

The premise is that over Al Gore's generation, CO2 gases have been building up at an astounding rate due to the drastic increase in industry due to a surge in population and a demand for basic needs with old technology still being used over newer cleaner and more efficient technology. The most important by-product of which is global warming. This in turn changes the climates across all continents which turns once arable land into desert and floods low-lying areas due to polar ice-caps melting.

It is called An Inconvenient Truth because those in charge of changing the way industry operates to combat global warming do not want to jeoperdise their careers and vast money making businesses to prevent a global catastrophe which could occur in our lifetime. They have done this through media manipulation whereby newspaper articles spread disinformation and doubt even though 100% of scientific papers allude to global warming. I was thinking about this on my way into work this morning when I saw an advertisement for Pheonix Gas that said "Make Up Your Own Mind" and then told you to go to www.gasisgood.net Are you trying to tell me something through your subtle advertising?

I found An Inconvenient Truth to be a fascinating documentary presented by Al Gore, almost President of the United States. He is a man dedicated to the subject and I hope that this documentary is seen by as many people as possible but mainly by those who can make a serious change although for reasons stipulated above I very much doubt anything will be done about it and this is a great shame for everyone.

If you're interested in finding out more click on this link.

I would give this documentary 9 out of 10 polar ice-caps.



Anonymous Skry said...

That looks like a really interesting docufilm - I saw the trailer for it online there (no thanks to the films makers UIP, who have moved the trailer to here so the Inconvenient Truth website points to a 404).

It sounds like a very interesting summary of how we're messing up the planet. I took the carbon test on the site and found out that I cause between 400 and 1500lbs of carbon waste a year - not a lot compared to the average American who we can thank for 15000lbs per year!

10:48 pm  

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