Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Clear Mornings, Foggy Nights

There's a difinitive cooling of the weather this week and I've now switched from jacket to duffel coat and if the trend continues it will stay on until February next year with added scarf and hat. It's a funny thing that people change the way they walk when it's cold into a more rigid military march with each alternate stride puffing a condensation laced breath into the early morning air.
The view over the Albert Bridge is fantastic in the winter as the sun lies low and if the water is calm it becomes a reflective mirror and sets off the red bridge in the distance with it's opposing mirage lying upside down on the water. I can only find a view from the other side so I must try and bring my camera along next time to show you.

Last night I was out for a colleagues birthday. After a few pints in Fibbers we took off for the Ormeau Road and had dinner in an eastern bistro where they had a mixture of Korean, Thai, Japanese and Chinese food on offer. I went for the chicken teriyaki which wasn't bad at all and everyone elses food looked good too. It was also BYO so I recommend checking it out. Unfortunately due to my foggy memory because we hit the Pavilion afterwards I can't remember the name of the place but it's opposite the Pavilion and it's a very relaxed atmosphere place and the service is excellent.

I'll be away tomorrow on a staff away day to Carlingford so I'll try and throw off a few pictures to post on Thursday and try to make talking about an operational plan interesting. I thought these things were meant to include go-kart racing and hitting the pub but we're breaking off into two groups to cook either an Irish or Italian lunch for ourselves. Where's the fun in that?

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on Thursday with a gamespot tomorrow to fill the gap.


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