Friday, June 23, 2006

Gamespot #41


A throw back to classics such as Dig Dug, Motherload is a flash based game where you search the surface of Mars for the Motherload and porecious minerals. But beware, the ground is filled with hidden gas, earthquakes, and other unknowns. However, you can buy upgrades for your Machine to help you along the way.

I'll be away in Aberdeen, Scotland for the weekend for a wedding so I'll be back on Tuesday. Have a great weekend whatever you're up to!


Blogger Donovan said...

Very addictive game! I finished the online version and downloaded a standalone full version.. not much difference though.

9:58 pm  
Blogger Skry said...

I couldn't get the online version to save my details so I gave up in the end. There's only so many times you can start a game, again, knowing you'll never complete it in your lunch hour, before you just give up on the game entirely...

11:09 pm  

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