Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Crash is about a group of characters from different backgrounds that are connected through a car crash in Los Angeles. The premise of the film is that everyone has preconcieved notions of other people and these notions bubble to the surface in many forms. This movie largely deals with the notions of racism and bigitory.
The first half of the film is grating in terms of racist scene after racist scene setting the tone for the film. It's a little OTT but sets up the second half of the film for the curveballs and pitfalls of the plot and character development.
Nevertheless, the acting is top drawer all around and every scene no matter how corny or coincidental is addicting to watch.
Due the plot heavy twisting of the film it is hard to go into detail without spoiling the movie as one persons reaction affects another and so on. Neverthelesss this is an impressive debut by Paul Harris worth checking out.

I would give this film 4 car pile ups out of 5.



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