Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Sound of Settling

We moved into our new house on Tuesday which was quicker than we expected as the lease was from the 31st July but a welcome date change nonetheless.

It has been a tiring week of moving, lifting, shifting, arranging and sorting through boxes which has left little time for much else although I did get out to the cinema on Tuesday to watch Moon.
Moon is written and directed by Duncan Jones and this is his first feature length film. His full name is Zowie Duncan Haywood Bowie so you can guess who his famous father is.

That's all rather irrelvent though because Moon is an excellent old-school science-fiction drama where astronaut Sam Bell (Same Rockwell) is coming to the end of his 3 year contract where he is alone on the moon, solely responsible for keeping machines working on mining supplies of helium-3 to send back to earth. However, due to his isolation, he begins to hallucinate and a strange, gripping story unravels as he finds he is not alone.

It had a limited run in the QFT but I would recommend renting it when it comes out later in the year.

It is incredible that we have been back in Northern Ireland for 6 months now. The time has moved so quickly and there are a lot of friends we haven't seen enough of since our return which will have to rectified before the summer ends. Speaking of which, it seems we had the usual 2 weeks of good weather before the usual Summer Scattered Showers prevailed. It's times like this that makes you miss the seemingly endless summer down under.

The house is more or less as we would like it now although there's always little things you forget you need, once had but gave away and need to buy again so we are constantly making lists of things and visiting shops more often than I'd like (never).

The weekend is a welcome break to pause and take in the new surroundings, relax, stretch and take account of things. I hope you're having a good time whatever you're up to. See you soon.


Blogger Skry said...

The summer here is pretty much never-ending. It was 18C here last Friday and it's the middle of the winter! True, it has been warmer here than normal, but it's still nice :D

Glad that you've moved in and are settling down. Don't forget to post a few pic's of the place. Remember, Rule #1 or no one will believe you live anywhere ;-)

12:29 pm  
Blogger Steve said...

We went to see Moon at the QFT, good show! Leg room was a bit cramped though ;)

7:31 pm  

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