Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Silly Season

Another short and sweet posting from an internet cafe but alas, there is little I can do although I'm going to look into getting internet access at home in the new year so regular postings should resume in the near future although I have enjoyed sticking my head in a book than staring at a monitor for hours.

The last few weeks have been spent working as a barman at my cousins hotel in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby which is the Northern Ireland equivalent of somewhere in or near Lisburn. The work, shall we say, was interesting and suffice to say I'm glad it's all over as I prefer to be on the other side of the bar. Nevertheless, I got to meet some real characters and genuine friends too so in retrospect, it's worked out for the best.

I'm due to play golf tomorrow morning with some of the regulars although it's tee-off at 7am which is not something to look forward to although it's a good laugh and I'm on the look-out for my own clubs and take a more keen interest in, not the game, but the camaraderie - no-one takes it seriously in the least and we have punishments for errors - double spirit drinks for everyone if you can't sail the ball past the ladies tee-off on a hole, and the adornment of sausages on the golf cart for the person taking the most attempts at sinking the ball on the green.

Then it's Xmas-Eve and we have plans for a BBQ and perhaps a day-trip with some camping on Xmas Day itself - possibly in a little town south of Christchurch - all very tentative at the moment.

I'll have the camera with me over the holidays and will be posting them up most in due course.

Thanks to those coming back to the site lately when there has been slim pickings although you can see all the photos on Facebook - add me as friend if you want to see them! It's been an interesting and exciting year with life-changing moments and 2008 will ask a lot of soul searching questions on whether we'll stay in New Zealand, look further afield or return home. That's not to say we're not enjoying our time here - we certainly are but it will take immersing ourselves in full-time jobs and local life before we can make any decisions. I'll keep you posted as best I can.

Have a great silly season (as they say here) and a great New Year and best wishes for 2008!

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