Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Scentless Subterfuge

On Saturday evening we met up with Keith, Jenny and friends to celebrate his last day working in the western hemisphere. At least for someone else. We kicked things off with a few pints in the Empire which now has an excellent fully covered beer tent/gazebo in the front porch and the inside didn't smell like puke and bleach - which is always a bonus - like the last time we visited and swiftly left sans purchases. Publicans take note - you need something to cover the smell of stale sweat and bodily odours that tobacco smoke hid. Grenouille would have had a field day in there.

There was some indoor football playing in the background which has to be one of the most pointless sporting conversions at a legitimately televised level. Small pitch, no throw-ins, no room to show any real skills - although admittedly there was one rather good goal when a player chipped the ball over the keeper. Bring back Kabaddi I say.

A table had been booked in Benedict's and after sinking our second pint, we made our way there. I had not been back in years because I kept hearing very bad reports about it (and to my mind there are infinetly better bars in Belfast). Friends of friends have been maliciously assaulted and one colleague had mentioned broken glass being placed in handbags resulting in cut hands for no other apparent reason than to cause wanton hurt.

What I can confirm was that when we arrived the place was relatively quiet but the downstairs toilets were a total disgrace. They stank of urine and flies were buzzing about the urinals. Disgusting.

We made our way upstairs and were shown the way to our tables. I have to admit that the menu looked decent enough and the food wasn't bad at all, especially as it was the price at the time of ordering so if you're looking for somewhere to eat before 7.30pm, I would recommend it. Stay for the food, leave for the drinks.

We all had a great time anyway and after leaving, we visited the new Lavery's off-licence across the road which is fantastic compared to most others grog shops, selling a particular bottle of wine which Lou and I have been tracking down for months so we'll be back for a few bottles of that in the near future.


Blogger Skry said...

I really enjoyed my food there. I've never been a huge fan of bars in that area of town before because when I was at school everyone and their trendy friend kept insisting on going to the M Club, which sucked like a Dyson.

Recently I have eaten in Benedict's a few times (always great food, although you're right about the toilets!) and have been in Lavery's a good few times for pool. All in all that area of town is pretty good to visit so long as you aren't aiming for the M Club, now the only dance club in that area :D

6:17 am  
Blogger Donovan said...

Just wondering.. is that guy in the front right with the shaved head Tom? If not, it sure looks like a guy I know.

5:35 am  

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